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L. Wang; I. Gutiérrez-Lezama; C. Barreteau; N. Ubrig; E. Giannini; A. F. Morpurgo

Tuning magnetotransport in a compensated semimetal at the atomic scale Journal Article

Nature Communications, 6 (8892), 2015.

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J. Ruppen, J. Teyssier, O. E. Peil, S. Catalano, M. Gibert, J. Mravlje, J.-M. Triscone, A. Georges,; D. van der Marel

Optical spectroscopy and the nature of the insulating state of rare-earth nickelates Journal Article

Physical Review B, 92 (155145), 2015.

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Michaël K. Tran; Julien Levallois; Ana Akrap; Jérémie Teyssier; Alexey B. Kuzmenko; Florence Levy-Bertrand; Riccardo Tediosi; Mehdi P. Brandt; Philippe Lerch; Dirk van Der Marel

Versatile setup for optical spectroscopy under high pressure and low temperature Journal Article

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86 (105102), 2015.

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D. Lançon; N. Tsyrulin; M. Böhm; R. Viennois; S. Zabihzadeh; A. Kusmartseva; E. Giannini; H. M. Rønnow

Pressure induced evolution of superconductivity and magnetic hourglass dispersion in Fe1.02Te0.7Se0.3 Journal Article

New Journal of Physics, 17 (4), pp. 043020, 2015.

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I. Gutierrez Lezama; A. Arora; A. Ubaldini; C. Barreteau; E. Giannini; M. Potemski; A. F. Morpurgo

Indirect-to-Direct Band Gap Crossover in Few-Layer MoTe2 Journal Article

Nano Letters, 15 (4), pp. 2336–2342, 2015.

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Julien Levallois, Ievgeniia O. Nedoliuk, Iris Crassee; Alexey B. Kuzmenko

Magneto-optical Kramers-Kronig analysis Journal Article

Review of Scientific Instruments, 86 (033906), 2015.

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Pascal Schouwink; Adrien Ramel; Enrico Giannini; Radovan Černý

Flux-assisted single crystal growth and heteroepitaxy of perovskite-type mixed-metal borohydrides Journal Article

CrystEngComm, 17 , pp. 2682-2689, 2015.

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Jérémie Teyssier; Suzanne V. Saenko; Dirk van der Marel; Michel C. Milinkovitch

Photonic crystals cause active colour change in chameleons Journal Article

Nat Commun, 6 , 2015.

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M. Guarise; B. Dalla Piazza; H. Berger; E. Giannini; T. Schmitt; H. M. Rønnow; G. A. Sawatzky; J. van den Brink; D. Altenfeld; I. Eremin; M. Grioni

Anisotropic softening of magnetic excitations along the nodal direction in superconducting cuprates Journal Article

Nature Communications, 5 , 2014.

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Michael Tran

Possible phase transitions probed by infrared spectroscopy under high pressure: BiTeI and Li0.9Mo6O17 PhD Thesis



M. P. M. Dean; A. J. A. James; A. C. Walters; V. Bisogni; I. Jarrige; M. H"ucker; E. Giannini; M. Fujita; J. Pelliciari; Y. B. Huang; R. M. Konik; T. Schmitt; J. P. Hill

Itinerant effects and enhanced magnetic interactions in Bi-based multilayer cuprates Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 90 , pp. 220506, 2014.

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A Stucky; A Ubaldini; J Levallois; M K Tran; D van der Marel; E Giannini

Shining light on CuO for exploring high-Tc multiferroics Journal Article

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 566 (1), pp. 012012, 2014.

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E Cappelluti; L Benfatto; A B Kuzmenko

Infrared phonon activity and Fano interference in multilayer graphenes Journal Article

Physica Scripta, T162 , pp. 014018, 2014.

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Ana Akrap; Alberto Ubaldini; Enrico Giannini; László Forró

Bi2Te(3−x)Se(x) series studied by resistivity and thermopower Journal Article

EPL (Europhysics Letters), 107 (5), pp. 57008, 2014.

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D. Stricker; J. Mravlje; C. Berthod; R. Fittipaldi; A. Vecchione; A. Georges; D. van der Marel

Optical Response of Sr2RuO4 Reveals Universal Fermi-Liquid Scaling and Quasiparticles Beyond Landau Theory Journal Article

Phys. Rev. Lett., 113 , pp. 087404, 2014.

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Ignacio Gutiérrez Lezama; Alberto Ubaldini; Maria Longobardi; Enrico Giannini; Christoph Renner; Alexey B Kuzmenko; Alberto F Morpurgo

Surface transport and band gap structure of exfoliated 2H-MoTe2 crystals Journal Article

2D Materials, 1 (2), pp. 021002, 2014.

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Davide Forcella; Jan Zaanen; Davide Valentinis; Dirk van der Marel

Electromagnetic properties of viscous charged fluids Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 90 , pp. 035143, 2014.

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Dirk van der Marel; George Albert Sawatzky

An optical twist for triplet superconductors Journal Article

Science, 345 (6193), pp. 138-139, 2014.

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F. Cilento; S. Dal Conte; G. Coslovich; S. Peli; N. Nembrini; S. Mor; F. Banfi; G. Ferrini; H. Eisaki; M. K. Chan; C. J. Dorow; M. J. Veit; M. Greven; D. van der Marel; R. Comin; A. Damascelli; L. Rettig; U. Bovensiepen; M. Capone; C. Giannetti; F. Parmigiani

Photo-enhanced antinodal conductivity in the pseudogap state of high-Tc cuprates Journal Article

Nat Commun, 5 , pp. 4353, 2014.

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Ana Akrap; Jérémie Teyssier; Arnaud Magrez; Philippe Bugnon; Helmuth Berger; Alexey B. Kuzmenko; Dirk van der Marel

Optical properties of BiTeBr and BiTeCl Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 90 , pp. 035201, 2014.

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S. N. Klimin; J. Tempere; J. T. Devreese; D. van der Marel

Interface superconductivity in LaAlO3-SrTiO3 heterostructures Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 89 , pp. 184514, 2014.

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Nicolas Ubrig; Sanghyun Jo; Helmuth Berger; Alberto F. Morpurgo; Alexey B. Kuzmenko

Scanning photocurrent microscopy reveals electron-hole asymmetry in ionic liquid-gated WS2 transistors Journal Article

Applied Physics Letters, 104 (17), pp. 171112, 2014.

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Julien Levallois; Piotr Chudziński; Jason N. Hancock; Alexey B. Kuzmenko; Dirk van der Marel

Magnetoplasmon resonances in polycrystalline bismuth as seen via time-domain terahertz spectroscopy Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 89 , pp. 155123, 2014.

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Andrei G. Stepanov; Clemens Ruchert; Julien Levallois; Christian Erny; Christoph P. Hauri

Generation of broadband THz pulses in organic crystal OH1 at room temperature and 10 K Journal Article

Opt. Mater. Express, 4 (4), pp. 870–875, 2014.

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Sanghyun Jo; Nicolas Ubrig; Helmuth Berger; Alexey B. Kuzmenko; Alberto F. Morpurgo

Mono- and Bilayer WS2 Light-Emitting Transistors Journal Article

Nano Letters, 14 (4), pp. 2019-2025, 2014.

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J Jaćimović; L Felberbaum; E Giannini; J Teyssier

Electro-mechanical properties of composite materials for high-current contact applications Journal Article

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 47 (12), pp. 125501, 2014.

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Alberto Ubaldini; Enrico Giannini

Improved chemical vapor transport growth of transition metal dichalcogenides Journal Article

Journal of Crystal Growth, 401 , pp. 878–882, 2014, ISSN: 0022-0248.

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M.K. Tran; J. Levallois; P. Lerch; J. Teyssier; A.B. Kuzmenko; G. Autès; O.V. Yazyev; A. Ubaldini; E. Giannini; D. van der Marel; A. Akrap

Infrared- and Raman-Spectroscopy Measurements of a Transition in the Crystal Structure and a Closing of the Energy Gap of BiTeI under Pressure Journal Article

Phys. Rev. Lett., 112 , pp. 047402, 2014.

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D. S. Dhillon; J. Teyssier; M. Single; I. Gaponenko; M.C. Milinkovitch; M. Zwicker

Interactive Diffraction from Biological Nanostructures Journal Article

Computer Graphics Forum, 33 (8), pp. 177–188, 2014, ISSN: 1467-8659.

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Jacimovic, Jacim; Felberbaum, Laurent; Enrico, Giannini; Jérémie, Teyssier

Electro-mechanical properties and welding characteristics of Ag/MoS2, Ag/WS2, Ag/CNTs and Ag/CdO materials for high-DC current contact applications Inproceedings

ICEC 2014; The 27th International Conference on Electrical Contacts; Proceedings of, pp. 1-6, 2014.

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Jianing Chen; Maxim L. Nesterov; Alexey Yu. Nikitin; Sukosin Thongrattanasiri; Pablo Alonso-González; Tetiana M. Slipchenko; Florian Speck; Markus Ostler; Thomas Seyller; Iris Crassee; Frank H. L. Koppens; Luis Martin-Moreno; F. Javier García de Abajo; Alexey B. Kuzmenko; Rainer Hillenbrand

Strong Plasmon Reflection at Nanometer-Size Gaps in Monolayer Graphene on SiC Journal Article

Nano Letters, 13 (12), pp. 6210, 2013.

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Nicolas Ubrig; Iris Crassee; Julien Levallois; Ievgeniia O. Nedoliuk; Felix Fromm; Michl Kaiser; Thomas Seyller; Alexey B. Kuzmenko

Fabry-Perot enhanced Faraday rotation in graphene Journal Article

Opt. Express, 21 (21), pp. 24736–24741, 2013.

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Suzanne V. Saenko; Jérémie Teyssier; Dirk van der Marel; Michel C. Milinkovitch

Precise co-localisation of interacting structural and pigmentary elements generates extensive colour pattern variation in Phelsuma lizards Journal Article

BMC Biology, 11 (1), pp. 105, 2013, ISSN: 1741-7007.

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Alberto Ubaldini; Jacim Jacimovic; Nicolas Ubrig; Enrico Giannini

Chloride-Driven Chemical Vapor Transport Method for Crystal Growth of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Journal Article

Crystal Growth & Design, 13 , pp. 4453–4459, 2013.

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F Cilento; S Dal Conte; G Coslovich; F Banfi; G Ferrini; H Eisaki; M Greven; A Damascelli; D van der Marel; F Parmigiani; C Giannetti

In search for the pairing glue in cuprates by non-equilibrium optical spectroscopy Journal Article

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 449 (1), pp. 012003, 2013.

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Seyed Iman Mirzaei

Low energy electrodynamics of high temperature superconductors PhD Thesis



Iris Crassée

Magneto-optical spectroscopy of epitaxial graphene PhD Thesis



Seyed Iman Mirzaei; Damien Stricker; Jason N. Hancock; Christophe Berthod; Antoine Georges; Erik van Heumen; Mun K. Chan; Xudong Zhao; Yuan Li; Martin Greven; Neven Barišić; Dirk van der Marel

Spectroscopic evidence for Fermi liquid-like energy and temperature dependence of the relaxation rate in the pseudogap phase of the cuprates Journal Article

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2013.

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Christophe Berthod; Jernej Mravlje; Xiaoyu Deng; Rok Zitko; Dirk van der Marel; Antoine Georges

Non-Drude universal scaling laws for the optical response of local Fermi liquids Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 87 , pp. 115109, 2013.

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J. Larrea; J. Teyssier; H. M. Rϕnnow; K.-A. Lorenzer; S. Paschen

High pressure electrical resistivity and specific heat of the heavy fermion compound CeCoGe2.2Si0.8 Journal Article

physica status solidi (b), 250 (3), pp. 511-514, 2013.

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R. Comin; G. Levy; B. Ludbrook; Z.-H. Zhu; C. N. Veenstra; J. A. Rosen; Yogesh Singh; P. Gegenwart; D. Stricker; J. N. Hancock; D. van der Marel; I. S. Elfimov; A. Damascelli

Na2IrO3 as a Novel Relativistic Mott Insulator with a 340-meV Gap Journal Article

Phys. Rev. Lett., 109 , pp. 266406, 2012.

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J. Deisenhofer; S. Schaile; J. Teyssier; Zhe Wang; M. Hemmida; H.-A. Krug von Nidda; R. M. Eremina; M. V. Eremin; R. Viennois; E. Giannini; D. van der Marel; A. Loidl

Electron spin resonance and exchange paths in the orthorhombic dimer system SrVO4 Journal Article

Phys. Rev. B, 86 , pp. 214417, 2012.

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N. Ubrig; P.Blake; D.van der Marel; A. B.Kuzmenko

Infrared spectroscopy of hole-doped ABA-stacked trilayer graphene Journal Article

EPL, 100 (5), 2012.

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Julien Levallois; Michaël Tran; Alexey B. Kuzmenko

Decrypting the cyclotron effect in graphite using Kerr rotation spectroscopy Journal Article

Solid State Communications, 152 (15), pp. 1294-1300, 2012.

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S. N. Klimin; J. Tempere; D. van der Marel; J. T. Devreese

Microscopic mechanisms for the Fermi-liquid behavior of Nb-doped strontium titanate Journal Article

Physical Review B, 86 , pp. 045113, 2012.

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S. Dal Conte; C. Giannetti; G. Coslovich; F. Cilento; D. Bossini; T. Abebaw; F. Banfi; G. Ferrini; H. Eisaki; M. Greven; A. Damascelli; D. van der Marel; F. Parmigiani

Disentangling the Electronic and Phononic Glue in a High-T-c Superconductor Journal Article

Science, 335 , pp. 1600-1603, 2012.

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Lerch Ph; Quaroni L; Wambach J; Schneider J; Armstrong D B; Rossetti D; Mueller F L; Peier P; Schlott V; Carroll L; Friedli P; Sigg H; Stutz S; Tran M

IR beamline at the Swiss Light Source Journal Article

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 359 (1), pp. 012003, 2012.

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M Orlita; I Crassee; C Faugeras; A B Kuzmenko; F Fromm; M Ostler; Th Seyller; G Martinez; M Polini; M Potemski

Classical to quantum crossover of the cyclotron resonance in graphene: a study of the strength of intraband absorption Journal Article

New Journal of Physics, 14 (9), pp. 095008, 2012.

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N. Tsyrulin; R. Viennois; E. Giannini; M Boehm; M. Jimenez-Ruiz; A. A. Omrani; B. Dalla Piazza; H. M. Rønnow

Magnetic hour-glass dispersion and its relation to high-temperature superconductivity in iron-tuned Fe(1+y)Te(0.7)Se(0.3) Journal Article

New Journal of Physics, 14 , pp. 073025, 2012.

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M. Bonura; E. Giannini; R. Viennois; C. Senatore

Temperature and time scaling of the peak-effect vortex configuration in FeTe0.7Se0.3 Journal Article

Physical Review B, 85 , pp. 134532, 2012.

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