Cité des métiers et des formations – Exploring Physics at the University of Geneva’s stand

MaNEP and the University of Geneva’s Physics section will be present at the Cité des métiers from 24 to 29 November, at Palexpo. This event offers a large panorama of training in the Geneva region. Our researchers and scientists will offer fun experiments and demonstrations linked to modern physics, for example levitating objects and particles detectors.  Date:…

The PhysiScope in Nature Materials

The PhysiScope in Nature Materials

The PhysiScope appears this month in the prestigious review Nature Materials. It is the subject of a three-page feature in the « Commentary » section and of the editorial entitled « Lessons in science education ». The article was requested by the magazine’s editors and written by the PhysiScope’s director Prof. Christoph Renner. This demonstrates…

Next generation piezoresistive sensors presented at TechConnect

On February 15, Prof. Christoph Renner’s (MaNEP-Geneva) IP Submission entitled “Piezo-pinch – next generation piezoresistive sensors” was accepted for presentation at the TechConnect ( meeting in May. The venue will take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas. This is an encouraging result for his technology, which should provide excellent opportunities for promotion….

Science clip with Prof. Christoph Renner on TSR

Science clip with Prof. Christoph Renner on TSR

For the 2nd time, a MaNEP member has been selected to participate in “Histoire des Savoirs”, a series of daily short science clips produced by the Swiss TV. Professor Christoph Renner, who is also MaNEP’s deputy director in Geneva, was chosen to address some of the issues of nanotechnology. Broadcast : Wednesday, October 29th 2008, at 18h on TSR1….

The PhysiScope officially launched

A MaNEP-initiated outreach project to promote physics, the PhysiScope was officially inaugurated this month at the University of Geneva. About 200 people, including several Geneva officials and staff members, attended the events on October 3rd and 16th. More inormation:, une initiative MaNEP

Ferroelectrics : new book published

Former MaNEP deputy-director Jean-Marc Triscone is one of the three editors of a recently published book called : “Physics of Ferroelectrics : A Modern Perspective”. It addresses the paradigmatic shifts in understanding ferroelectric materials brought about by revolutionary breakthroughs that occurred in the last two decades. Céline Lichtensteiger and Matt Dawber who are working in his research group, and Patrycja…

1500 visitors enjoyed the SupraFête in Geneva

1500 visitors enjoyed the SupraFête in Geneva

Over 100 collaborators from MaNEP and the physics department at UniGE took part in the organization of the SupraFête, on June 8 to 10. The event proved a beautiful success with some 1500 visitors and large media coverage. The SupraFête was a celebration of the ’87 Nobel Prize which rewarded the discovery of high tc superconductors…

MaNEP at La Praille

Geneva, La Praille Commercial Center, October 3 to 22 MaNEP participated in a UniGE event called “Knowledge at the Center” at the commercial center “La Praille”. MaNEP was present with 3 levitation demos to illustrate superconductivity, during 3 days (Wednesday 5, 12 and 19).

La Nuit de la Science, Geneva July 3-4

La Nuit de la Science, Geneva July 3-4, Theme : “Mesurer, compter” MaNEP was present and had an exhibition stand. The event was a great success thanks to the 22 collaborators who actively participate to the life of the stand.   About 8000 visitors had the opportunity to learn more about scanning probe microscopy and had…

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