DQMP Seminar by Dr. Denis Vasyukov

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Day / Time
Date(s) - 25/10/2016
0 h 00 min


Mardi 25 octobre 2016 à 13.00
Auditoire Stückelberg
Ecole de physique

Dr. Denis Vasyukov
University of Basel

Quantum Imaging

Superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) with the working name SQUID-on-tip (SOT) were recently developed. The form-factor of SOTs makes them ideal for scanning probe microscopy.

The operating magnetic field range 0 – 1.2 Tesla at 4.2 K, the temperature range from milli-Kelvin to 7.2 Kelvin, and their sensitivity to magnetic moments as small as 1 Bohr magneton per root Hertz allow studies of weak magnetism in quantum systems with unique precision, leaving the system under the investigation unperturbed.

Recent work with the SOTs also showed that they are extremely sensitive to temperature, this property allows using them as dual sensors – scanning magnetometers and bolometers.

The sensitivity of 1 micro-Kelvin per root Herz is 4 orders of magnitude better than the one of any existing competing techniques. This opens a completely new area of crygenic scanning thermometry with tens of nanometers spatial resolution and unprecedented sensitivity to temperature variations.

I will provide examples of real applications of SOTs studying various kinds of samples and systems and will discuss several forthcoming experiments.

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