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Date(s) - 22/03/2016
13 h 00 min - 14 h 00 min



Tuesday, March 2nd 2016 – 13h00

Auditoire Stückelberg
Ecole de physique

Coffee and tea will be available from 12h50 at the entrance of the Auditoire

Transport properties of chemical vapor deposited monolayer MoS2
Evgeniy Ponomarev (group of Prof. Morpurgo)

We realize and investigate ionic liquid gated field-effect transistors (FETs) on large-area MoS2
monolayers grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) with the performance of these devices being
comparable to that of FETs based on exfoliated flakes. FETs on CVD-grown material, however, exhibit
clear ambipolar transport, which for MoS2 monolayers had not been reported previously. Exploiting this
property we are able to estimate the bandgap Δ of monolayer MoS2 and detect the presence of in-gap
impurity states close to the top of the valence band. Furthermore, we drive our FETs in the ambipolar
injection regime where we observe electroluminescence originating from exciton recombination in
MoS2. Our results are of technological relevance, as they show that devices with useful opto-electronic
functionality can be realized on large-area MoS2 monolayers produced by controllable and scalable
technique. I will also talk on other ongoing projects of our group related to CVD MoS2 monolayers.


Transport properties of an attractive Fermi gas
Pjotrs Grisins (group of Prof. Giamarchi)

Ultracold atomic Fermi gases have recently become some of experimentalist’s favourite tools to study
strongly-correlated many-body dynamics. Recent experiments [1] on transport properties of strongly
attractive Fermi gas through a quantum point contact showed conductance much higher than one
would expect from Landauer-Büttiker theory. In my talk I will share our work in progress on theoretical
understanding of this phenomenon.

[1] S. Krinner, M. Lebrat, D. Husmann, C. Grenier, J. Brantut, and T. Esslinger, “Anomalous
conductances in a tunable Fermi gas,” arXiv:1511.05961, 2015.

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