Informal DQMP seminar, master project , Ivan LUCHKO

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Day / Time
Date(s) - 26/08/2016
11 h 00 min


Friday 26 August 2016, 11h00
Salle MaNEP, Ecole de Physique

Magnetic exchange in quasi 2D metal-organic Heisenberg antiferromagnets

Spin-½ Heisenberg square-lattice antiferromagnets with magnetic exchange parameters in order of only a few Kelvin can be realized in good approximation by metal-organic materials based on coordination polymers. Within this project magnetic exchange and properties of the compounds  (with X=Cl and Br) were investigated using neutron scattering, high magnetic field measurements and Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) simulations.

The magnetic exchange of the two compounds is fully characterized by neutron powder diffraction and SQUID measurements and confronted to results of QMC simulations using the generalized directed loop algorithm in Stochastic Series Expansion as implemented in the ALPS library.

The QMC simulation furthermore allow us to study the magnetic field dependence of the Néel temperature using a finite size scaling approach.

A prototype of a visualization and manipulation tool for the ALPS library will be presented that displays magnetic exchange on a given lattice and allows creating model systems with a 3D drag-and-drop builder.

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