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Day / Time
Date(s) - 25/11/2016
11 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min


Salle MaNEP – Ecole de physique


Dr. Gaku Eguchi

Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology


Magnetotransport in Dirac fermion systems

Charge and spin transport in topologically protected electronic bands are one of the main interests of modern condensed matter physics. In electric transport, the protected bands result in an conduction involving extremely high-mobility carriers [1]. Its transport properties have been discussed based on the two-carrier Drude model, because of an inevitable involvement of additional trivial conduction. However, the two-carrier model is also known to exhibit huge errors originating from multiple open parameters, and occasionally, they lead us to arbitrary interpretations. Thesefundamental issues confuse the essence of protected bands.

Recently, a new data analysis scheme to overcome the issue has been proposed [2,3], revealing physical meanings of the sign inversion of the Hall coefficient and the huge linear transverse magnetoresistance [4]. In this talk we present the full scheme of the analysis and explain how is the transport behavior of three-dimensional topological insulators understood. The analysis also reveals the Fermi level from simple electric transport measurements at any temperature.


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