Colloque Wright for science : the secrets of the sun

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Date(s) - 10/11/2014 - 14/11/2014
18 h 30 min - 21 h 00 min


ColloqueWright14The Fondation Wright has decided to devote the 2014 edition of the Wright symposiums to the Sun, by giving the floor to astrophysicits, a climatologue and chemist.

Without stars, there would be no planets. Without the Sun, and without its formation over 4.5 billion years, neither the Earth nor the other seven planets of our system would have come to see the light of day. It is now accepted that the formation of planets is integrally linked with that of stars. It took a lot of theoretical work and a good deal of experience to be persuaded of this. Space probes sent to different planets and satellites have brought back precious information. And to those who still doubt that the planetary phenomenon is the standard, the discovery of exoplanets in their hundreds, orbiting other stars than the Sun, has provided irrefutable proof. Without doubt there are many other ? living ? worlds in our galaxy, graced with the brightness of their own sun.

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