Publications are available from year 2003 onward


[13]Vanishing Hall Response of Charged Fermions in a Transverse Magnetic Field
Michele Filippone, Charles-Edouard Bardyn, Sebastian Greschner, Thierry Giamarchi
Physical Review Letters 123, 086803 (2019)
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[12]Understanding repulsively mediated superconductivity of correlated electrons via massively parallel density matrix renormalization group
A. Kantian, M. Dolfi, M. Troyer, T. Giamarchi
Physical Review B 100, 075138 (2019)
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[11]Dynamics of a mobile impurity in a two-leg bosonic ladder
Naushad Ahmad Kamar, Adrian Kantian, Thierry Giamarchi
Physical Review A 100, 023614 (2019)
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[10]Three-body constrained bosons in a double-well optical lattice
Suman Mondal, Sebastian Greschner, Tapan Mishra
Physical Review A 100, 013627 (2019)
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[9]Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid spin dynamics in the quasi-one dimensional Ising-like antiferromagnet BaCo2V2O8
Quentin Faure, Shintaro Takayoshi, Virginie Simonet, Béatrice Grenier, Martin Månsson, Jonathan S. White, Gregory S. Tucker, Christian Rüegg, Pascal Lejay, Thierry Giamarchi, Sylvain Petit
Physical Review Letters 123, 027204 (2019)
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[8]High-Resolution Photoemission on Sr2RuO4 Reveals Correlation-Enhanced Effective Spin-Orbit Coupling and Dominantly Local Self-Energies
A. Tamai, M. Zingl, E. Rozbicki, E. Cappelli, S. Riccò, A. de la Torre, S. McKeown Walker, F. Y. Bruno, P. D. C. King, W. Meevasana, M. Shi, M. Radović, N. C. Plumb, A. S. Gibbs, A. P. Mackenzie, C. Berthod, H. Strand, M. Kim, A. Georges, F. Baumberger
Physical Review X 9, 021048 (2019)
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[7]High-harmonic generation in quantum spin systems
Shintaro Takayoshi, Yuta Murakami, Philipp Werner
Physical Review B 99, 184303 (2019)
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[6]Low dimensional correlations under thermal fluctuations
N. Kestin, T. Giamarchi
Physical Review B 99, 195121 (2019)
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[5]Interacting bosons in generalized zig-zag and railroad-trestle models [PREPRINT]
Sebastian Greschner, Tapan Mishra
arXiv:1903.01766 (2019)
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[4]Universal Hall Response in Interacting Quantum Systems
Sebastian Greschner, Michele Filippone, Thierry Giamarchi
Physical Review Letters 122, 083402 (2019)
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[3]Polarization dependence of angle-resolved photoemission with submicron spatial resolution reveals emerging one-dimensionality of electrons in NbSe3
M. A. Valbuena, P. Chudzinski, S. Pons, S. Conejeros, P. Alemany, E. Canadell, H. Berger, E. Frantzeskakis, J. Avila, M. C. Asensio, T. Giamarchi, M. Grioni
Physical Review B 99, 075118 (2019)
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[2]Steady states of interacting Floquet insulators
Karthik I. Seetharam, Charles-Edouard Bardyn, Netanel H. Lindner, Mark S. Rudner, Gil Refael
Physical Review B 99, 014307 (2019)
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[1]Bulk pumping in two-dimensional topological phases
Charles-Edouard Bardyn, Michele Filippone, Thierry Giamarchi
Physical Review B 99, 035150 (2019)
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