M2S 2015

M2S 2015

M2S2015_LogoThe 11th International Conference M2S HTSC 2015 will take place from Sunday, August 23 until August 28 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The field of superconductivity is heavily driven by experimental progress using the most advanced technology available. Consequently the participants of M2S are actively involved in materials science, experimental techniques, theoretical research and/or applications of superconductivity.

Three prizes will be awarded at the conference. Theoretical condensed-matter physicist Vinay Ambegaokar has been already selected for the 2015 John Bardeen Prize, in recognition of his theoretical research that substantially advanced our understanding of certain unique and fundamental features of superconductivity.

Ambegaokar is a Goldwin Smith Professor of Physics Emeritus at Cornell University’s Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics (LASSP) in Ithaca New York.

More information on John Bardeen prize and Press release

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