In the Quantum Electronics groups we study microscopic electronic processes in different classes of materials, by investigating the transport properties of devices developed using state-of-the art nano-fabrication techniques (electron-beam and photo-lithography, e-beam evaporation, sputter deposition). Our interests span a broad range of material systems, including graphene and carbon-nanotubes, molecular semiconductors, hybrid normal/superconductor circuits, and topological insulators. More novel materials are considered. We usually follow an approach typical of mesoscopic physics, where attention is devoted to the realization of devices that are particularly suited for the study of the specific processes of interest.

Researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the University of Manchester have discovered structures based on two-dimensional materials that emit tailor-made light in any colour you could wish for. Alberto Morpurgo, Full professor in the Department of Quantum Matter Physics in UNIGE’s Faculty of science, explains this discovery.

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Des matériaux en 2D pour créer de la lumière sur mesure    


See interview of Prof. A. Morpurgo on National Swiss French Television

Our work include the device nano-fabrication -for which we often develop new technological processes-, transport measurements as a function of temperature, magnetic field, bias- and gate-voltage, etc. We also take care of the data analysis, often seeking the assistance of theoreticians having experience in the field of our experiments. We consider the link between experimental and theoretical part of our research to be particular important, not only for the data analysis, but also for the planning of new experiments. Sometimes, we also contribute to theoretical developments.


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In the past, our work has spaced through a broad variety of electronic materials, including hybrid systems with superconductors and ferromagnetic contacts, carbon nanotubes, InAs-base two dimensional electron gases with Rashba spin-orbit interaction, and more. Currently our activity is mainly focused in the areas of graphene-based electronics and organic single-crystal devices, but we are always keen to start working in new emerging areas, whenever we think that with our skills and expertise we can give useful contributions. Please look at our publications to have a more specific idea of our work.

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