The Department of Quantum Matter Physics (DQMP) at the University of Geneva offers a highly dynamic and stimulating environment and is renowned for its research at the forefront of electronic materials. Notable current activities include 2D van der Waals materials, oxide interfaces and the physics of strongly correlated electrons.
The department is looking for a highly-qualified and strongly motivated scientist with the ambition to establish a world-class research program evolving around oxide interfaces with innovative electronic properties. The program should address both the growth of heterostrutures and the investigation of their physical properties by means of different techniques. The applicant is expected to have an interest in scientific exchange with other groups working in the field of electronic materials at the DQMP. The successful candidate will benefit from excellent starting conditions, including start-up funds and existing infrastructure and expertise for the growth and physical characterization of oxide heterostructures.

REQUIREMENTS : PhD or equivalent. Track record of scientific achievements including publications in high-ranked international journals.

STARTING DATE : 01.01.2022, or upon mutual agreement.

Applications should be submitted exclusively on-line before 10.02.2021 (23:59 Geneva time). Applications sent by email shall not be accepted.

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