The Physiscope is an innovative theatre-laboratory offering a lively hands-on approach to physics, established by the NCCR MaNEP in 2007 in collaboration with the Physics Section of UNIGE. The Physiscope creatively links a fascination for the fundamental principles of physics with pressing issues at the cutting edge of contemporary scientific research: superconductivity, energies for today and tomorrow, CERN and its large hadron collider, quantum teleportation, exoplanets, nanotechnologies and much more.

Located in the heart of the Physics Section, the Physiscope offers interactive experimental shows to introduce children and adolescents to the excitement of scientific research. Although these interactive shows are mainly intended for students of the middle and high school levels, primary school groups and the general public can also register for a visit.

At the Physiscope, participants interact with a scientific guide; together they discuss physical phenomena, experiment with them, and show how these phenomena are related to ongoing research projects.

Recently, the Physiscope and the RTS have produced a weekly TV programme L’Oreille des Kids specially designed for 7 – 11 year old children.

Building on the overwhelming success of the Physiscope, the UNIGE Faculty of Science established the Chimiscope, the Bioscope and the Mathscope, the Infoscope and the Terrascope. With the generous support of the H. Dudley Wright Foundation and other public and private backing, these activities have been combined as a unified Scienscope, allowing us to develop the pluridisciplinary approaches that are necessary for understanding some of today’s technological and societal issues.

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