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A Heavy Fermion Zn-Deficient CaBe2Ge2-Type Phase with Rare Ce-Based Ferromagnetism and Large Magnetoresistance

Published on February 25, 2022

We report on the hitherto unknown compound CeZn2−δGe2 (δ ≈ 0.41). We find that this compound crystallizes in a defect version of the well-known CaBe2Ge2 structure type. The phase forms in a Zn/In flux and with Zn deficiency on one of its crystallographic sites. We find that the compound displays uncommon localized Ce-based (4f1) ferromagnetism with a Tc of 6.6 K, a large positive magnetoresistance reaching an MR of approximately 32% below 10 K, and strongly correlated electrons, as evidenced by a Kadowaki–Woods ratio A2 close to those of known heavy fermion compounds. The here discovered material is therefore a promising model platform for the investigation of these entangled interacting and potentially competing electronic states paired with complex crystal chemistry.


Robin Lefèvre and Fabian O. von Rohr

Published in

Chem. Mater. 2022