Technology transfer old

The Department of Quantum Matter Physics is very involved in transferring technologies from its laboratories to industry, as its research activities in understanding and developing quantum materials and devices have a strong potential for applications.

The number of collaborations with industrial partners has grown continuously. Through many important CTI collaboration projects, DQMP researchers are fostering innovation and working closely with industry to bring new technologies to the market.

The DQMP has also been exploring the opportunity to introduce the novel materials at the focus of fundamental studies into industrial applications in fields as diverse as high-end instrumentation, micro- and nanoelectronics, energy production and storage, sensors and actuators, adaptive neutron supermirrors, advanced coatings, metallurgy and thin films, microtechnology, tool machining, biomedical technology, fine watchmaking, new materials processing, and many more.

The Laboratory of Advanced Technology (LAT) valorizes the expertise and the sophisticated equipment of the University of Geneva and the HES-SO Genève in collaborative outreach towards industry. It allows individual initiatives – industrial or academic – to benefit from the know-how and the exceptional technology available in these two institutions in order to foster technological innovation.

The Geneva Creativity Center (GCC) – an initiative of MaNEP NCCR joined by UNIGE, hepia and the Geneva Office for the Promotion of Industries – strives to bring academic and industrial researchers and promoters together to discuss their needs and ideas in order to develop innovative projects.

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