Geneva Creativity Center

logoGCCThe Geneva Creativity Center (GCC) is an initiative of MaNEP NCCR joined by the University of Geneva, the HES-SO, the Office de Promotion des Industries et des Technology and the Union Industrielle Genevoise. It was founded by Øystein Fischer, commited to promoting Geneva’s development and to stimulate exchanges between the academic and industrial sectors.

The GCC aims at strengthening the links between academia and industry, building a network of multidisciplinary experts and stimulating creativity for innovative collaborative projects benefitting the local economy. It acts at the very early stage of the innovation process, by stimulating creativity and the emergence of new ideas through the interaction between academia and industry. It then nurtures these ideas towards further development and assures their feasibility. With the support of other organisations in Geneva, these ideas can then be translated into the creation of a new business, a collaborative project between academia and industry, or a new product or service offered by an existing company.

The GCC has created a series of innovative activities, each with their specificities (company visits, brainstorming sessions, etc..). Through these concepts, GCC causes challenging and unique encounters between actors from industry and academia, where ideas are confronted and projects arise.

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