This workshop “Trends in Theory of Correlated Materials (TTCM 2018)” is a continuation of very successful bilateral workshops between Japan and Swiss that has been held on a yearly basis since 2009. It aims at bringing together both communities of condensed matter people (mainly theorists) working on correlated materials and related. The workshop also aims at nurturing scientific exchanges, collaborations, and friendships among young physicists between the two countries.

The topics of the workshop include the following (can be extended).

  • Quantum spin systems, multiferroics, and spintronics
  • Topological phases of matter
  • Bulk-edge(boundary) correspondence
  • Dirac and Weyl fermions
  • Cold atoms
  • Quantum entanglement and its applications
  • Many-body localization and out-of-equilibrium correlated matter
  • Computational correlated physics and its methods

Contact: comm-dqmp@unige.ch