Open positions

June 2020: The ARPES group at the Department of Quantum Matter Physics of the University of Geneva invites applications for a postdoc position.

A key-area of interest for the group are van der Waals heterostructures made by micromechanical cleavage and dry transfer techniques. We are currently in a unique position to study the momentum resolved electronic structure of such assemblies in-house using a custom build laser based micro-ARPES setup. For complementary experiments at higher photon energy, we regularly use leading synchrotron beamlines worldwide.

Other areas of interest include surface 2D electron gases, oxide interface physics and correlated metallic states and metal-insulator transitions in 4d and 5d transition metal oxides. We will consider applications for work in any of these areas.

To apply please upload your CV and publication list including contact details of two scientists that can provide references and a brief letter of motivation at [Ref. #16498].

The position is available from October 2020. Applications are considered until the position is filled.


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