Ultracompact binary permanent rare-earth magnet with 1.25 T center field and fast-decaying stray field
J.-M. Poumirol, A. Bercher, T. Slipchenko, I. Maggio-Aprile, Ch. Renner and A.B. Kuzmenko
Accepted in Physical Review Applied (2021)


Multiband charge density wave exposed in a transition metal dichalcogenide
Á. Pásztor, A. Scarfato, M. Spera, F. Flicker, C. Barreteau, E. Giannini, J. van Wezel, and Ch. Renner
To be published in Nat. Commun. (2021)

Wang-MacDonald d-wave vortex cores observed in heavily overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d
Tim Gazdić, Ivan Maggio-Aprile, Genda Gu and Christoph Renner
Phys. Rev. X 11, 031040 (2021) [Open Archive]
Supplemental Material

Skyrmion-(anti)vortex coupling in a chiral magnet-superconductor heterostructure
A.P. Petrovic, M. Raju, X.Y. Tee, A. Louat, I. Maggio-Aprile, R. Menezes, M. Wysznski, K. Duong, M. Reznikov, Ch. Renner, M. Milosevic, and C. Panagopoulos
Physical Review Letters 126, 117205 (2021) [Open Archive]

Supplemental Material

CDW phase image

Insight into the charge density wave gap from contrast inversion in topographic STM images
M. Spera, A. Scarfato, Á. Pásztor, E. Giannini, D.R. Bowler and Ch. Renner
Physical Review Letters 125, 267603 (2020) [Open Archive]
Supplemental Material

CDW phase image

Holographic imaging of the complex charge density wave order parameter
Á. Pásztor, A. Scarfato, M. Spera, C. Barreteau, E. Giannini, and Ch. Renner
Phys. Rev. Research 1, 033114 (2019) [Open Archive]
Supplemental Material
  Synopsis in Physics

AFM dissipation map

Towards surface diffusion potential mapping on atomic length scale
R. Villarreal, Ch. J. Kirkham, A. Scarfato, D. R. Bowler, and Ch. Renner
J. Appl. Phys. 125, 184301 (2019) [Open Archive]

CDW domains

Energy-dependent spatial texturing of the charge order in 1T-CuxTiSe2
M. Spera, A. Scarfato, E. Giannini, and Ch. Renner
Phys. Rev. B 99, 155133 (2019) [Open Archive]

Supplemental Material

CDW domains

Scanning tunneling microscopy of an air sensitive dichalcogenide through an encapsulating layer
J. Martinez-Castro, D. Mauro, Á. Pásztor, I. Gutiérrez Lezama, A. Scarfato, A. F. Morpurgo, and Ch. Renner
Nano Letters 18, 6696 (2018)
Supporting Information

Hole transport in exfoliated monolayer MoS2
E. Ponomarev, A. Pásztor, A. Waelchli, A. Scarfato, N. Ubrig, Ch. Renner, and A. Morpurgo
ACS Nano 12, 2669 (2018)


Observation of Caroli–de Gennes–Matricon vortex states in YBa2Cu3O7-d
Ch. Berthod, I. Maggio-Aprile, J. Bruér, A. Erb, and Ch. Renner
Physical Review Letters 119, 237001 (2017)
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Electronic coupling between Bi nanolines and the Si(001) substrate: An experimental and theoretical study
M. Longobardi, C. J. Kirkham, R. Villarreal, S. A. Koster, D. R. Bowler, and Ch. Renner
Physical Review B 96, 235421 (2017)
Supplemental material


Dimensional cross-over of the charge density wave order parameter in thin exfoliated 1T-VSe2
A. Pásztor, A. Scarfato, C. Barreteau, E. Giannini, and Ch. Renner
2D Materials 4, 041005 (2017)

Sub-atomic electronic feature from dynamic motion of Si dimer defects in bismuth nanolines on Si(001)
C. J. Kirkham, M. Longobardi, S. A. Koster, Ch. Renner, and D. R. Bowler
Physical Review B 96, 075304 (2017)


Note: Mechanical in situ exfoliation of van der Waals materials
Á. Pásztor, A. Scarfato and Ch. Renner
Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 076104 (2017)


Stripe and short range order in the charge density wave of 1T-CuxTiSe2
A. M. Novello, M. Spera, A. Scarfato, A. Ubaldini, E. Giannini, D. R. Bowler and Ch. Renner
Physical Review Letters 118, 017002 (2017)

vortex spectra

Revisiting the vortex-core tunneling spectroscopy in YBa2Cu3O7-d
J. Bruér, I. Maggio-Aprile, N. Jenkins, A. Erb, C. Berthod, Ø. Fischer and Ch. Renner
Nat. Commun. 7, 11139 (2016)
Press Release

Mn atom chain

Structure of self-assembled Mn atom chains on Si(001)
R. Villarreal, M. Longobardi, S. A. Köster, Ch. J. Kirkham, D. Bowler and Ch. Renner
Physical Review Letters 115, 256104 (2015)

Defects in TiSe2

Scanning tunneling microscopy of the charge density wave in 1T-TiSe2 in the presence of single atom defects
A. M. Novello, B. Hildebrand, A. Scarfato, C. Didiot, G. Monney, A. Ubaldini, H. Berger, D. R. Bowler, P. Aebi and Ch. Renner
Physical Review B 92, 081101(R) (2015)

STM of Mo Te2

Surface transport and band gap structure of exfoliated 2H-MoTe2 crystals
I. Gutiérrez Lezama, A. B. Ubaldini, M. Longobardi, E. Giannini, Ch. Renner, A. Kuzmenko and A. F. Morpurgo
2D Materials 1, 021002 (2014)
Top 10 most cited articles of 2D materials in 2014-2015

Defects in TiSe2

Doping nature of native defects in 1T-TiSe2
B. Hildebrand, C. Didiot, A. M. Novello, C. Monney, A. Scarfato, A. Ubaldini, H. Berger, D. R. Bowler, Ch. Renner and P. Aebi
Phys. Rev. Lett.112, 197001 (2014)

Vortex antivortex

Vortex-antivortex coexistence in Nb-based superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures
F. Bobba, C. Di Giorgio, A. Scarfato, M. Longobardi, M. Iavarone, S. A. Moore, G. Karapetrov, V. Novosad, V. Yefremenko and A. M. Cucolo
Physical Review B 89, 214502 (2014)

Crystal-clear – The ‘2014 Most Superlative Crystal Growth Contest’ for School Classes
D. Perret, H. Hagemann, R. Cerný, Ch. Renner, E. Giannini, L. Guénée, C. Besnard, D. Gérard and L. Windels
CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry 68, 893-895 (2014)

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