Welcome to the webpage of Jean-Marc Triscone’s research group in the Department of Quantum Matter Physics at the University of Geneva.

Our group’s research focuses on investigations of oxide heterostructures and oxide interface physics as well as engineering based on superconductors, dielectric, ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials.

Recent publications


Structural analysis of LaVO3 thin films under epitaxial strain

H. Meley et al., APL Materials 6, 046102 (2018).


Rare Earth Nickelates RNiO3: Thin Films and Heterostructures

S. Catalano et al., Reports on Progress in Physics 81, 046501 (2018).

See also: Nickelates


Conductivity and local structure of LaNiO3 thin films

J. Fowlie et al., Advanced Materials , 1605197 (2017).

See also: Nickelates


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