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Physics at the University of Geneva has a great tradition of excellence both for the quality of its research and its teaching. The matter surrounding us contains many riches. Fascinating and captivating in every way, it is at the core of the work performed by the Department of Quantum Matter Physics.

Our researchers are constantly understanding new fundamental properties of matter, seeking new materials for the future, discovering innovative phenomena and developing new experimental techniques. From phenomenology to theoretical studies via modeling, they dissect and prepare matter for its applications.

The industrial sector has shown a keen interest in the results produced by the large number of scientists from all over the world working at the DQMP.

The National Center of Competence in Research MaNEP, hosted at UNIGE for twelve years and dedicated to the exploration of materials with novel electronic properties, has strongly strengthened basic research, and encouraged the development of innovative technologies, as well as advanced applications.

Today, the DQMP is a major center of Swiss research in the field of quantum matter physics. These materials with fascinating and often extreme properties, studied with avant-garde methods, both from the experimental and theoretical point of view are undoubtedly one the cornerstones of the 21st century.

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