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Observation of flat Γ moiré bands in twisted bilayer WSe2
Gianmarco Gatti, Julia Issing, Louk Rademaker, Florian Margot, Tobias A. de Jong, Sense Jan van der Molen, Jérémie Teyssier, Timur K. Kim, Matthew D. Watson, Cephise Cacho, Pavel Dudin, José Avila, Kumara Cordero Edwards, Patrycja Paruch, Nicolas Ubrig, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama, Alberto Morpurgo, Anna Tamai and Felix Baumberger

Physical review letters 131 4, 046401 (2023)

The recent observation of correlated phases in transition metal dichalcogenide moir\’e systems at integer and fractional filling promises new insight into metal-insulator transitions and the unusual states of matter that can emerge near such transitions. Here, we combine real- and momentum-space…

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Effects of the oxygen source configuration on the superconducting properties of internally-oxidized internal-Sn Nb3Sn wires
Gianmarco Bovone, Florin Buta, Francesco Lonardo, Tommaso Bagni, Marco Bonura, D. LeBoeuf, S.c. Hopkins, T. Boutboul, A. Ballarino and Carmine Senatore

Superconductor science and technology 36 9, 095018 (2023)

We successfully manufactured 12-filament rod-in-tube Nb$_{3}$Sn wires with oxide nanoparticles formed by the internal oxidation method. We employed Nb-7.5 wt%Ta-1 wt%Zr and Nb-7.5 wt%Ta-2 wt% Hf alloys along with oxygen sources (OSs) in two different configurations—in the core of Nb filaments…

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Transfer learning application of self-supervised learning in ARPES
Sandy Adhitia Ekahana, Genta Indra Winata, Yeong-Ah Soh, Anna Tamai, Milan Radovic, Gabriel Aeppli and Ming Shi

Machine learning: science and technology (2023)

There is a growing recognition that electronic band structure is a local property of materials and devices, and there is steep growth in capabilities to collect the relevant data. New photon sources, from small-laboratory-based lasers to free electron lasers, together with focussing beam optics and …

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The fate of quasiparticles at high-temperature
Andrew Scott Hunter, S. Beck, Edoardo Cappelli, Florian Margot, Michael Straub, Yann Alexanian, Gianmarco Gatti, M. D. Watson, T. K. Kim, C. Cacho, N. C. Plumb, M. Shi, M. Radović, D. A. Sokolov, A. P. Mackenzie, M. Zingl, J. Mravlje, Antoine Georges, Felix Baumberger and Anna Tamai

Preprint (2023)

We study the temperature evolution of quasiparticles in the correlated metal Sr$_2$RuO$_4$. Our angle resolved photoemission data show that quasiparticles persist up to temperatures above 200~K, far beyond the Fermi liquid regime. Extracting the quasiparticle self-energy we demonstrate that the…

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Electronic Coupling of Metal‐to‐Insulator Transitions in Nickelate‐Based Heterostructures
Lucia Varbaro, Bernat Mundet Bolos, Claribel Dominguez Ordonez, Jennifer Fowlie, Alexandru Mircea Georgescu, Lukas Alexander Korosec, Duncan Alexander and Jean-Marc Triscone

Advanced electronic materials, 2201291 (2023)

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Controlling Magnetism with Light in a Zero Orbital Angular Momentum Antiferromagnet
Mattias Matthiesen, Jorrit R. Hortensius, Samuel Mañas-Valero, Itzik Kapon, Dumitru Dumcenco, Enrico Giannini, Makars Šiškins, Boris A. Ivanov, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Eugenio Coronado, Alexey Kuzmenko, Dmytro Afanasiev and Andrea Caviglia

Physical review letters 130 7, 076702 (2023)

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Orbital design of Berry curvature: pinch points and giant dipoles induced by crystal fields
Maria Teresa Mercaldo, Canio Noce, Andrea Caviglia, Mario Cuoco and Carmine Ortix

npj quantum materials 8 12 (2023)

The Berry curvature (BC)—a quantity encoding the geometric properties of the electronic wavefunctions in a solid—is at the heart of different Hall-like transport phenomena, including the anomalous Hall and the non-linear Hall and Nernst effects. In non-magnetic quantum materials with acentric…

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Roadmap on artificial intelligence and big data techniques for superconductivity
Mohammad Yazdani-Asrami, Wenjuan Song, Antonio Morandi, Giovanni De Carne, Joao Murta-Pina, Anabela Pronto, Roberto Oliveira, Francesco Grilli, Enric Pardo, Michael Parizh, Boyang Shen, Tim Coombs, Tiina Salmi, Di Wu, Eric Coatanea, Dominic A Moseley, Rodney A Badcock, Mengjie Zhang, Vittorio Marinozzi, Nhan Tran, Maciej Wielgosz, Andrzej Skoczeń, Dimitrios Tzelepis, Sakis Meliopoulos, Nuno Vilhena, Guilherme Sotelo, Zhenan Jiang, Veit Große, Tommaso Bagni, Diego Mauro, Carmine Senatore, Alexey Mankevich, Vadim Amelichev, Sergey Samoilenkov, Tiem Leong Yoon, Yao Wang, Renato P Camata, Cheng-Chien Chen, Ana Maria Madureira and Ajith Abraham

Superconductor science and technology 36 4, 043501 (2023)

This paper presents a roadmap to the application of AI techniques and big data (BD) for different modelling, design, monitoring, manufacturing and operation purposes of different superconducting applications. To help superconductivity researchers, engineers, and manufacturers understand the…

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Characteristic length scales of the electrically induced insulator-to-metal transition
Teodor Luibrand, Adrien Bercher, Rodolfo Rocco, Farnaz Tahouni-Bonab, Lucia Varbaro, Willem Rischau, Claribel Dominguez Ordonez, Yixi Zhou, Weiwei Luo, Soumen Bag, Lorenzo Fratino, Reinhold Kleiner, Stefano Gariglio, Dieter Koelle, Jean-Marc Triscone, Marcelo J. Rozenberg, Alexey B. Kuzmenko, Stefan Guénon and Javier Del Valle Granda

Physical review research 5, 013108 (2023)

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Tunable biaxial strain device for low-dimensional materials
Vincent Pasquier, Alessandro Scarfato, José Martinez Castro, Antoine Guipet and Christoph Renner

Review of scientific instruments 94 1, 013905 (2023)

Strain is attracting much interest as a mean to tune the properties of thin exfoliated two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures. Numerous devices to apply tunable uniaxial strain are proposed in the literature, but only few for biaxial strain, often with a trade-off between maximum…

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Contact Resistance Between REBCO Coated Conductors in the Presence of a V2O3 Inter-Layer
Marco Bonura, Gianmarco Bovone, Pablo Cayado Llosa and Carmine Senatore

IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 33 5 (2023)

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Gate‐Controlled Magnetotransport and Electrostatic Modulation of Magnetism in 2D Magnetic Semiconductor CrPS4
Fan Wu, Marco Gibertini, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama, Nicolas Ubrig and Alberto Morpurgo

Advanced materials, 2211653 (2023)

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A sacrificial magnet concept for field dependent surface science studies
Danyang Liu, Jens Oppliger, Aleš Cahlík, Catherine Witteveen, Fabian von Rohr and Fabian Donat Natterer

MethodsX 10, 101964 (2023)

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Competition between Carrier Injection and Structural Distortions in Electron‐Doped Perovskite Nickelate Thin Films
Marios Hadjimichael, Bernat Mundet Bolos, Claribel Dominguez Ordonez, Adrien Waelchli, Gabriele De Luca, Jonathan Spring, Simon Jöhr, Siobhan Mckeown Walker, Cinthia Piamonteze, Duncan T. L. Alexander, Jean-Marc Triscone and Marta Gibert

Advanced Electronic Materials, 2201182 (2023)

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Oxygen isotope effect in VO2
Willem Rischau, Xu He, Giacomo Mazza, Stefano Gariglio, Jean-Marc Triscone, Philippe Ghosez and Javier Del Valle Granda

Physical review. B 107 11, 115139 (2023)

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Layered metals as polarized transparent conductors
Carsten Putzke, Chunyu Guo, Vincent Plisson, Martin Kroner, Thibault Chervy, Matteo Simoni, Pim Wevers, Maja D. Bachmann, John R. Cooper, Antony Carrington, Naoki Kikugawa, Jennifer Fowlie, Stefano Gariglio, Andrew P. Mackenzie, Kenneth S. Burch, Ataç Îmamoğlu and Philip J. W. Moll

Nature communications 14 1, 3147, 1-7 (2023)

The quest to improve transparent conductors balances two key goals: increasing electrical conductivity and increasing optical transparency. To improve both simultaneously is hindered by the physical limitation that good metals with high electrical conductivity have large carrier densities that push …

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Designing spin and orbital sources of Berry curvature at oxide interfaces
Edouard Lesne, Yildiz G. Saǧlam, Raffaele Battilomo, Maria Teresa Mercaldo, Thierry C. van Thiel, Ulderico Filippozzi, Canio Noce, Mario Cuoco, Gary A. Steele, Carmine Ortix and Andrea Caviglia

Nature materials (2023)

Quantum materials can display physical phenomena rooted in the geometry of electronic wavefunctions. The corresponding geometric tensor is characterized by an emergent field known as the Berry curvature (BC). Large BCs typically arise when electronic states with different spin, orbital or…

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Determining spin-orbit coupling in graphene by quasiparticle interference imaging
Lihuan Sun, Louk Rademaker, Diego Mauro, Alessandro Scarfato, Arpad Pasztor, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama, Zhen Wang, José Martinez Castro, Alberto Morpurgo and Christoph Renner

Nature communications 14 1, 3771 (2023)

Inducing and controlling spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in graphene is key to create topological states of matter, and for the realization of spintronic devices. Placing graphene onto a transition metal dichalcogenide is currently the most successful strategy to achieve this goal, but there is no…

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Degradation of Ic due to residual stress in high-performance Nb3Sn wires submitted to compressive transverse force
Carmine Senatore, Tommaso Bagni, José Ferradas Troitino, B Bordini and A Ballarino

Superconductor science and technology 36 7, 075001 (2023)

Future particle colliders in search for new physics at the energy frontier require the development of accelerator magnets capable of producing fields well beyond those attainable with Nb-Ti. As the next generation of high-field accelerator magnets is presently planned to be based on Nb 3

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Electronic structure of few-layer black phosphorus from μ-ARPES
Florian Margot, Simone Lisi, Irène Cucchi, Edoardo Cappelli, Andrew Scott Hunter, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama, KeYuan Ma, Fabian von Rohr, Christophe Berthod, Francesco Petocchi, Samuel Poncé, Nicola Marzari, Marco Gibertini, Anna Tamai, Alberto Morpurgo and Felix Baumberger

Nano letters 23, 6433 (2023)

Black phosphorus (BP) stands out among two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors because of its high mobility and thickness dependent direct band gap. However, the quasiparticle band structure of ultrathin BP has remained inaccessible to experiment thus far. Here we use a recently developed laser-based…

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Full Control of Solid‐State Electrolytes for Electrostatic Gating
Chuanwu Cao, Margherita Melegari, Marc Philippi, Daniil Domaretskiy, Nicolas Ubrig, Ignacio Gutierrez Lezama and Alberto Morpurgo

Advanced materials, 2211993 (2023)

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Dynamics of dispersive collective modes in correlated matter
Francesco Barantani

Thèse (2023)

Complex systems exhibit emergent properties characterized by fascinating phenomena. These are a direct consequence of the interplay among different constituents and cannot simply be reduced to independent contributions. In the study of materials, the number of particles that have to be considered…

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Strain and Temperature Dependence of the Electronic Structure of Sr2RuO4 Investigated by ARPES
Andrew Scott Hunter

Thèse (2023)

In its normal state, Sr2RuO4 is a prototypical Fermi liquid below ∼ 25 K. At ∼ 1.5 K it undergoes a superconducting transition, but it has long remained challenging to determine the symmetry or order parameter of the superconducting state. Recent experiments have shown…

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Strain Dependence of the Charge Density Wave Phase Transition
Vincent Pasquier

Thèse (2023)

Strain, which results from the deformation of a material, is used as a tuning parameter to study the charge density wave (CDW) phase in transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs). We have developed two bending devices to apply uniaxial or biaxial strain to low-dimensional materials. Characterization…

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Thermal Polymorphism in CsCB11H12
Radovan Cerny, Matteo Brighi, Hui Wu, Wei Zhou, Mirjana Dimitrievska, Fabrizio Murgia, Valerio Gulino, Petra E. de Jongh, Benjamin A. Trump and Terrence J. Udovic

Molecules 28 5, 2296 (2023)

Thermal polymorphism in the alkali-metal salts incorporating the icosohedral monocarba-hydridoborate anion, CB11H12−, results in intriguing dynamical properties leading to superionic conductivity for the lightest alkali-metal analogues, LiCB11H12 and NaCB11H12. As such, these two have been the…

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Elucidating the pressure-induced enhancement of ionic conductivity in sodium closo-hydroborate electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries
Yuanye Huang, Radovan Cerny, Corsin Battaglia and Arndt Remhof

Journal of materials science 58 17, 7398-7406 (2023)

Hydroborates are an emerging class of solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries. Here, we investigate the impact of pressure on the crystal structure and ionic conductivity of a close-hydroborate salt consisting of Na 2 B 10 H 10 and Na 2 B…

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Li4B10H10B12H12 as solid electrolyte for solid-state lithium batteries
Andrea Garcia, Gian Müller, Radovan Cerny, Daniel Rentsch, Ryo Asakura, Corsin Battaglia and Arndt Remhof

Journal of materials chemistry. A 11 35, 18996-19003 (2023)

The ionic conductivity of Li 4 B 10 H 10 B 12 H 12 exceeds that of its parent compounds Li 2 B 10 H 10 and Li 2 B 12 H 12 by several orders of magnitude. It is stable against…

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Infrared nano-imaging of Dirac magnetoexcitons in graphene
Michael Dapolito, Makoto Tsuneto, Wenjun Zheng, Lukas Wehmeier, Suheng Xu, Xinzhong Chen, Jiacheng Sun, Zengyi Du, Yinming Shao, Ran Jing, Shuai Zhang, Adrien Bercher, Yinan Dong, Dorri Halbertal, Vibhu Ravindran, Zijian Zhou, Mila Petrovic, Adrian Gozar, G. L. Carr, Qiang Li, Alexey Kuzmenko, Michael M. Fogler, D. N. Basov, Xu Du and Mengkun Liu

Nature nanotechnology (2023)

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Can dd excitations mediate pairing?
Francesco Barantani, Christophe Berthod and Dirk Van Der Marel

Physica. C, Superconductivity 613, 1354321 (2023)

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Mapping the complex evolution of ferroelastic/ferroelectric domain patterns in epitaxially strained PbTiO3 heterostructures
Céline Lichtensteiger, Marios Hadjimichael, Edoardo Zatterin, Chia-Ping Su, Iaroslav Gaponenko, Ludovica Tovaglieri, Patrycja Paruch, Alexandre Gloter and Jean-Marc Triscone

APL materials 11 6, 061126 (2023)

We study the complex ferroelastic/ferroelectric domain structure in the prototypical ferroelectric PbTiO3 epitaxially strained on (110)o-oriented DyScO3 substrates, using a combination of atomic force microscopy, laboratory and synchrotron x-ray diffraction, and high resolution scanning…

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Reconciling scaling of the optical conductivity of cuprate superconductors with Planckian resistivity and specific heat
Bastien Michon, Christophe Berthod, Willem Rischau, Amirreza Ataei, Lu Chen, Seiki Komiya, Shimpei Ono, Louis Taillefer, Dirk Van Der Marel and Antoine Georges

Nature communications 14 1, 3033 (2023)

Materials tuned to a quantum critical point display universal scaling properties as a function of temperature T and frequency ω . A long-standing puzzle regarding cuprate superconductors has been the observed power-law dependence of optical conductivity with an exponent smaller than one, in…

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Electronic structure of exfoliated few-layer Black Phosphorus from micro-focus ARPES
Florian Margot

Thèse, 136 (2022)

2D semiconducting materials represent an interesting opportunity for the desired scaling of electronic devices. Black phosphorus (PB) is a promising candidate because of its direct gap in the range of telecommunications wavelengths and a comparatively high room-temperature mobility that compares…

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