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Physics for all

The Department of Quantum Matter Physics is very active to make science accessible to all, and to awake the interest of the youngest for science. It creates opportunities to strengthen the ties between the general public and the researchers, and promotes science through different actions to inform about the fascinating aspects of its cutting-edge research.

To reach out the younger generations, the Physiscope was created in 2007 by MaNEP NCCR and the Physics Section of UNIGE. At this public demo-lab, physics is presented to schools classes in a very original way through hands-on experiments.

Also initiated by MaNEP NCCR, the travelling art & science exhibition SUPRA100 especially contributes in promoting the DQMP research.

The production of the TV show L’Oreille des Kids, in collaboration with the Swiss Television channel RTS is also an innovative outreach action. It encourages young audiences to approach in an funny way the major laws of physics.

Do you have question about physics ? Ask them through the RTS découverte web site ! A scientist of UNIGE will answer to you.


The Physiscope is a theatre-laboratory offering a lively hands-on approach to physics.
It offers interactive experimental scientific shows to introduce children and adolescents to the excitement of scientific research. At the Physiscope, participants interact with a scientific guide; together they discuss physical phenomena, experiment with them, and show how these phenomena are related to ongoing research projects. The Physiscope is part of the Scienscope.

L’Oreille des Kids

How do airplanes fly ? What is static electricity ? Why do some objects float while others sink ? How do rainbows form ? Find out all about science in L’Oreille des Kids, a 15 minute show designed specially for 7 – 10 year old children, created and animated by the the Scienscope and co-produced with the Swiss TV channel RTS.

Children have fun exploring and discovering science thanks to Physiscope experts and their interactive experiments. Testing physics directly, stepping into the shoes of a researcher, doing fascinating hands-on experiments – these are the hallmarks of the  approach. This fruitful series encourages children to approach the major principles of physics with enthusiasm and fun.


Discover a series of short video dedicated to scientific phenomena. What is the link between art and science ? What is superconductivity ?