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Preparing for the era of quantum technologies

Published on November 21, 2023
It is envisioned that adaptive quantum materials will have a profound impact in future electronic applications, disclosing new possibilities not accessible with existing systems. image credit: X. Ravinet – UNIGE

Quantum breakthroughs are opening up enormous horizons. In this race between science and diplomacy, Geneva holds a key role.

Journalist Flavia Giovannelli of the “Entreprise romande” Magazine interviewed Profs. Alberto Morpurgo and Nicolas Brunner, world-renowned specialists in quantum materials and quantum information. They are both members of the advisory board of the Geneva Quantum Centre.

Read the interview of Prof. Alberto Morpurgo – Un monde matériel et quantique à la fois

Read the inteview of Prof. Nicolas Brunner – Préparer l’ère des technologies quantiques