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Geneva Quantum Centre – a faculty center on quantum science and technology

Published on November 21, 2022

Quantum science and technology is a rapidly growing field that is having a tremendous impact worldwide, opening vast possibilities at both the fundamental and applied levels. The ability to control and manipulate single quantum systems enables the development of future quantum communication networks, quantum simulators and computers, and quantum sensors. The ability to control at the atomic scale the assembly of different quantum materials enables the development of artificial materials with new electronic properties. Together, these advances will contribute to the “second quantum revolution”.

Research groups of the UNIGE Section of Physics and Faculty of Science are strongly involved in these research directions, in large national and international projects. In order to strengthen innovation, research and education in these fields, a faculty center dedicated to quantum science and technology has been launched. The Geneva Quantum Centre has the ambition to develop research at the highest international level in uncharted domains of quantum science, to train future generations of engineers and professionals in quantum, to offer the knowledge necessary for science-based decision making and to organize broad outreach activities. The GQC combines the expertise of researchers in four priority areas: quantum information and communications; quantum computation and simulation; quantum sensing and metrology; and quantum materials. The Centre has been created by physicists of the Section of physics with the ambition to bring together all the researchers from the Faculty of Science whose research is related to quantum science and technology.

To mark the start of this new faculty centre, the GQC organized a one-day kick-off meeting. The talks covered the diversity of topics studied by the research groups attached to the GQC: quantum materials were presented by Anna Tamai, Andrea Caviglia and Alberto Morpurgo; quantum information, communication and sensing were introduced by Géraldine Hack, Nicolas Brunner and Rob Thew; while different aspects of quantum theories were discussed by Julian Sonner and Dmitry Abanin. The event gathered seventy researchers from the Physics Section who exchanged on their current projects.

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