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Towards a roadmap for British-Swiss collaboration on adaptative quantum materials & quantum technologies

Published on June 8, 2023
Image © Swiss Embassy in the UK

In early June, the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK, in collaboration with the University of Geneva and the University of Manchester, hosted the workshop on Adaptive quantum materials & quantum technologies: Towards a Roadmap for British-Swiss Collaboration.

Organized by Professors Alberto Morpurgo and Christoph Renner from the University of Geneva, and Professors Vladimir Falko and Richard Curry from the University of Manchester, this meeting aimed at exploring the synergies and complementarities of research on ‘adaptive quantum materials’ carried out in the UK and in Switzerland as a basis for future collaboration. The workshop focused on materials with tunable functional quantum properties, whose properties and functionalities can be engineered by design at the quantum level, offering opportunities for quantum science and technology unavailable in naturally existing compounds.

A number of case studies have shown that these systems possess an enormous potential for developments of future technology based on the control/use of quantum mechanical phenomena, and the meeting aimed to roadmap the British-Swiss cooperation both on fundamental science and applications of such adaptive quantum materials.