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What’s so super about superconductivity?

Published on October 20, 2023
The assembly of a superconducting wire © L. Windels – UNIGE

John Letzing, a journalist at the World Economic Forum, recently sat down with Prof. Carmine Senatore to discuss the fascinating realm of superconducting technologies. While the scientific community initially buzzed with excitement over claims of achieving room-temperature superconductivity, Prof. Senatore’s insights from the interview shed light on a more pragmatic reality. According to Prof. Senatore, the holy grail of room-temperature superconductivity remains elusive, with recent claims swiftly debunked. However, the interview emphasizes that this setback doesn’t hinder progress. Even without this breakthrough, superconducting technologies hold enormous potential, and this progress could be realized soon, helping to reach a more sustainable future. From abundant energy for electric transportation and distribution to the pursuit of nuclear fusion, there is a lot that can be accomplished. 

Read the full interview here